Donations and Gifts

The Leadership and members of Meare Community Church will feel very blessed to receive your donations and gifts to help with the development and growth of the church. In normal times, your attendance at one of our services would make this a simple task. With the limited movement of people due to Coronavirus and church running costs still needing to be met this invitation guides on how you can contribute.

One-Off Donations

If you wish to make a one-off donation/gift, please send a cheque made out to: Meare Community Church, to the Treasurer (Mr. Phil Ludbrook) at the address below:
67 Knight Road

More Frequent Donations

If you wish to make regular donations, you can do so by setting up a standing order through your bank. You can either write to your bank to put this into place or use an electronic banking app on a smart phone/tablet/laptop. If you wish to make ad hoc payments, an electronic banking app on a smart phone/ tablet/laptop is probably the best way to set this up.

For the Standing Order and ad hoc payments the Treasurer will give you a membership number to use as your Payment Reference. This will make administration easier when we get to the point of setting up Gift Aid. The payments made directly into the Meare Community Church bank account will require our Account Name, Sort Code and Account Number. If you wish to contribute via this route, please contact our Treasurer to request the details via email at:

Gift Aid

The church has not yet established its charitable status. For those that pay income tax Gift Aid is not applicable at this time, but this note will be updated when the charitable status allows us to claim Gift Aid from the Government. You will then be invited to complete a Gift Aid form.